The Karol Company is a marketing communications company that creates and communicates positive, compelling stories about companies, products and services.

Our ability to communicate complex ideas in engaging ways helps build brand awareness, increase sales and grow your business.

Using our objectivity to articulate your story, we deliver marketing communications projects and programs based on strategic brand positioning, clear messaging, effective communications and targeted lead generation.

For every project or client, The Karol Company assembles a creative team of strategic thinkers, writers, designers, and technical experts to give your story a voice. This approach gives you access to our network of seasoned professionals, and most important, the best people for the project.

Every business has a story to tell. For 25 years, The Karol Company has been an effective storyteller for small and large businesses in Pittsburgh and throughout the U.S. Whether we develop and execute a complete marketing communications plan or work on a project-by-project basis, we tell your story.

Our totem is the hummingbird, emblematic for their vigor, energy and propensity to do work.